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Best Website Health Audit 

The best website health audit will highlight exactly where your website performs to its optimal standard, and where there are gaps that could be improved. Therefore, it’s essential to find the best website health audit in Australia for your company. 

We often find that businesses with existing websites enquire about completely re-doing their entire website. However, most of the time you’ll save a lot more money and time by simply adjusting aspects of the site as directed by the results of a website health audit, also known as an SEO Review. Further, creating more pages on your website doesn’t necessarily equal a better website. Optimizing what already exists is more often than not the best solution.


What is a website audit report?

A website audit report highlights how a website can perform better on search engines. A website audit report should be comprehensive and pinpoint exact areas that need to be addressed. When the report information is actioned, the websites visibility and indexing on Google and/or other search engines will improve. A website health audit should include a full analysis of everything from Meta, page speed, to sitemap analysis, including internal and external URL audits.


Benefits of website audit

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The benefits of a website audit are first and foremost to improve your search engine optimisation, to become a strong overall competitor on the internet. 

A website audit can teach you where your content/website copy needs to be spruced up. Often content that is already existing on your pages just needs some touch-ups, rather than a complete overhaul to perform better on google and contribute to an overall higher SEO ranking. 

Rather than guessing what needs to be addressed, utilizing multiple software or online sources (like the school of YouTube!), a full website audit will present the entire picture in one report.


How much does a website audit cost?

There are a lot of free website health audit services floating around on the internet. For example, we searched for a full website health audit on Google and we noticed the word ‘free’ associated with the top search results appears a few times. 

Whilst many of these services offer a free website health audit, as we do, often they are either hard to understand without guidance, and come with follow-up calls, spam emails and solicit business.


Future Company Website Health Audit

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Future Company offers a free Website Health Audit. We generate this report by compiling Google and other major search engine’s officially certified tests. We will then provide our clients with an overall summary (still highly detailed) of what the reports are showing in terms that are easy to understand, 

There are no follow-up calls and expectations from our end. We do not solicit business.

We want to be an extension of your business’s team if you choose to work with us. The digital journey is about becoming a more profitable business. Essentially, it is a partnership

If you’d like a free website health audit, please fill out the form below. 


What should I look for in a website audit? 

A proper website audit should be comprehensive, including a variety of statistics to make sure each component is actionable for your client. When Future Company conducts a website health audit, we analyze all your URLs, including internal and external, linked to your website. What does this mean exactly?

Our system will run scans of every page of your website to develop a comprehensive report highlighting exactly what is occurring in each specific element. For example, one aspect of the report is the analysis of Meta Descriptions on each URL, see the screenshot below. 

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The report indicates that of the 32 relevant URLs scanned, 10 are missing content relevant Meta Descriptions. What is meta? Meta or metadata is one way your website communicates with various search engines – for the most part, Google. Metadata is a component of what Google would use to categorize your website appropriately in the search index. It is a short description that summarizes the content of the web page/URL concisely, with relevant target keywords woven through. 

Meta Descriptions can easily be added to the backend of the website, in an optimal manner to improve your website’s indexing on Google. 

The other parameters that are visible here are further indicators of what can be adjusted within already existing Meta Descriptions. 

This is just one component of a comprehensive website health audit. Other components that should be assessed are:

  • Security
  • Response Codes (for example, redirects, and errors)
  • Content
  • Canonicals
  • Pagespeed
  • Sitemaps 


It’d be a lot to list all the components here – the list above is a quick summary. Future Company offers a complete website health audit for your business. How can I check my website health score?

Instead of reviewing an overall website health score as a sole number, when we conduct a website health audit at Future Company, we break down each component of analysis and display a percentage out of 100. This way, we can easily navigate the report at a glance to determine very specific areas which need improvement. 


Audit Tool Examples

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We compile all the major search engine data and tested reporting to present to you a full website health audit in one single document. We offer this free, as we believe you should know exactly how your website is functioning, beyond what is easily visible. 

Conducting a website health audit on many free platforms on google will simply provide you with a summary that is easy to understand, but not necessarily the full-scale picture. 

After conducting a website health audit, we will discuss with you exactly how you can improve your website, based on the report. It’s your choice whether we act on the report feedback or not – you’re never locked into lengthy contracts. We don’t believe in that. 

If you’d like a comprehensive website health audit, free of charge, fill out the form below and we will be in contact to set that up for you promptly. 


Website Audit Checklist

Your website health audit is presented in an organised manner where you can address and track each component individually. Essentially, it’s a website audit checklist. Fill out the form included in this post to get in contact with us for a free website health audit. 

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